Optimize Your Cultivation

FloEnvy’s cannabis production management platform captures each decision on the ground from logging variables to managing labor efficiency. Watch your entire business grow in real-time with our live dashboard.

Elevate the Flow of Your Operation

Assign tasks among team members, tailored to your operation’s task types. Utilize our custom mobile devices for precise scheduling, task tracking, and collaboration.

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Create Schedules

Assign tasks among team members.

Scan Tags

Create a data trail with the mobile app.

Track Employee Performance

Reward top performers with individual reports.

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Unlock all features starting at $500 per month.

Licenses are per-facility with an added cost of $50 / employee / month.

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Track Employee Performance

Reward top performers with individualized reports, helping each employee grow and hit new targets.

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FloEnvy can help your facility grow with our intuitive software.

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Analyze The Entire Operation

You’re able to get an overview of your full operation with the click of a button.

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