The Premier Seed to Data Platform

FloEnvy’s cannabis cultivation software captures each decision on the ground in real-time, so you can manage your cultivation from one place at all times.


Uncover the value of every task

FloEnvy’s powerful data tools brings the full picture to your cultivation:

  • Schedule shifts automatically
  • Simplify repetitive tasks in Metrc
  • Analyze labor patterns and precise ROI
  • Track yield performance and revenue forecasts
  • Monitor environmental readings

Technology with efficiency in mind.

Clean interfaces your team will love.

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Auto Scheduling

Split cycles into tasks. FloEnvy does the rest. Custom tasks and SOP's out-of-the-box.


Time Clock

Track every hour, every shift using geolocation and facial recognition.


Metrc Integrated

Easily create plantings, log harvest weights, and create packages using FloEnvy's fast mobile app.


Analytics Dashboard

See every action performed across your entire site in real-time

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Unlock all for just $499 / month.

Unlimited employees, unlimited admins as you scale.

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Industry Standard Labor Analysis

Understand and visualize each task’s ROI with insights personalized to each member of your cannabis cultivation team.

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Increase headcount without the headaches.

FloEnvy can help you glide through team management, so you can focus on growing the perfect product.

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Analyze The Entire Operation

You’re able to get an overview of your full operation with the click of a button. All your data is synced and updated in real-time.

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